libdvdetect, a C/C++ API for LIBDVDETECT server access and DVD structure analysis


The DVD Detection Library (libdvdetect) is a library to lookup DVDs in a database, similar to existing services for CDs like Gracenote, freeDB or MusicBrainz. and provide information about e.g. title, UPC/EAN or even cover arts. It is OS-independent and compiles for Windows or Unix operating systems. Mac support is also planned.

What the library does not provide is DVD ripping and decryption. This is not the intent, besides cracking encyption is illegal in many countries. It merely reads the structure (e.g. titles and chapters) and generates a special checksum to look up the database.


The current pre-alpha version does not provide database lookup! Please be patient and stay tuned, this will be implemented very soon!


For *nix, please make sure you have the tinyxml 2.6.1+ library installed first. For Windows, see win/readme.txt for instructions how to install it.

Step 1: configure

Step 2: make

Optional Step 3: make doxygen


The current version is a pre-alpha version and should not be installed on a production system. Installation has not been fully tested and is not guaranteed to work properly. If a later release is installed remains of this version may remain and be in the way.

Step 1: follow the instructions in "Building"

Step 2: make install